QuickRes2 is a tool that allows you to quickly change the resolution and color depth of your Windows workstation’s monitor.

QuickRes2 is able to switch to resolutions and color depths that Window’s build in tools normally don’t support. (8 Bpp / 256 Colors or 320×240 for example)

QuickRes2 sits in your System Tray waiting for your commands. It displays a list of all resolutions and color depths supported by your monitor. After switching to a new resolution QuickRes 2 keeps your previously used resolution to quickly revert the changes back to normal. You can also create a favorites list with your commonly used resolutions.

QuickRes2 is one of my oldest projects. I had taken it offline for two years because I thought no one would be using it any more.

QuickRes2 on Windows 7
QuickRes2 on Windows 7

… How false I was 😉 – I got several requests to take it back online… You request it. You get it: QuickRes2 is back. It’s still the same code base and runs on Windows 7 as well.

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